The Five / De Fiif

We are 5 different entrepreneurs. Together, we made a plan to put the Northeast Friesland region better on the map.


We notice that the area does not yet get the attention it deserves. Therefore, our goal is to attract more tourists to the region. A better spread of tourists across the seasons and the province is beneficial to the quality of life. There is a lot to experience and discover in Northeast Friesland.


The Northeast Frisia region has 5 unique regional brands. These are the forests (Noardlike Fryske Wâlden), the water (National Park the Alde Feanen), the vastness (National Park Lauwersmeer), the mud flats (World Heritage Wadden Sea), and a cosmopolitan city (Dokkum). So 5x WOW!


With unique visual material, the regional brands have been captured on camera. There are also 5 special routes developed where history comes to life through augmented reality.

These images and routes are available for free. By the end of 2023, day programs with accommodations (packages) will also be offered.

For this project, we have received a subsidy from Versnellingsagenda Noardeast-Fryslan. The Regiomarketing and Tourism Foundation and the 5 regional brands are involved.



Extra special is that this project is being continued at the Innovation House for Tourism in Buitenpost with the help of students. The Innovation House for Tourism is a meeting place for students and entrepreneurs from the tourism and recreation sectors.

Students are supervised by the Innovation House for Tourism. With practical assignments, they cooperate in the project 5x WOW. We consider a good connection between education and the labor market to be essential.