Looking for a unique experience?
Come to the five Frisian regions.


This region is so special because it consists of no less than 5 sub-regions. These areas are completely different, and they all have their own histories. As a result, there are many fun and hidden gems to discover!

There are plenty of activities for young and old. Active outings, hiking excursions, culinary taste sensations, and nightly adventures.

Want to experience something unique?



Frisian history comes to life with 5 unique routes. For each region in North-East Friesland, its own route has been developed.

You are led along beautiful roads, idealistic villages, tourist attractions, and places of interest. But this is not all! On the route, you will see things that are not really there. Former inhabitants of the area come to life and take you back in time. This is done through augmented reality. The routes are free and easy to download via the app MeARFryslân. And is available in various languages.

5x WOW

The Northeast Frisia region has 5 unique regional brands. These are the forests (Noardlike Fryske Wâlden), the water (National Park the Alde Feanen), the vastness (National Park Lauwersmeer), the mud flats (World Heritage Wadden Sea), and a cosmopolitan city (Dokkum). So 5x WOW!