Curious about the worldly city of Dokkum?

Dokkum is a city with allure, a worldly city where there is always a buzz. It is the northernmost city in the Netherlands and has a rich history. A down-to-earth yet trendy town where you can enjoy shopping, lounging, and savoring the beauty of this wonderful walk.

The route starts at the Bonifatius Chapel, a Roman Catholic pilgrimage chapel on Bronlaan in Dokkum. From there, we will take you along the key points that tell a beautiful and interesting story.

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Bronlaan 12
9101 VS Dokkum



Bonifatius was a bishop and missionary. He went on a mission to Frisia to convert the inhabitants to Christianity. After a number of failed attempts, Bonifatius set out for Frisia again in 754. This time, the bishop was murdered by pagan Frisians near Dokkum.


D.R. Camphuyzen

Dirk Rafaëlsz. Camphuysen, born in 1586 in Gorinchem, was a painter, poet, and preacher. In 1619, Camphuysen was banished because of his Remonstrant beliefs and subsequently settled in Dokkum. His most famous work is the poetry collection called 'Stichtelijcke Rijmen', which was completed during his stay in Dokkum. Camphuysen is buried in Dokkum.


Pirates "Anno 1630"

In 1630, two captains of the Frisian Admiralty captured five pirates from Dunkirk. The pirates were tricked and captured in Dokkum, and were subsequently hanged on the quay. This pirate executioner's noose is now back on the quay after 400 years.


Admiralty and Museum Dokkum

Museum Dokkum is located in several historical buildings in the center of Dokkum, including the building of the Admiralty of Friesland and Groningen from 1618. The museum provides insight into 2000 years of culture in Northeast Friesland.


11 Fountains - De IJsfontein

The Ice Fountain is never the same from one day to the next. Due to various weather influences such as sun, rain, wind, and snow, the ice pattern on the copper sculpture constantly changes. The Ice Fountain is part of the '11fountains' project, which in 2018 saw the construction of a unique contemporary fountain in each Frisian city.


Catharina Schrader

Catharina Schrader was born in the 17th century in Bad Bentheim. She was a midwife and remarried the mayor of Dokkum. Schrader gained fame through her reports of thousands of deliveries, written in telegraph style. This documentation was of great importance for obstetrics at that time.


Hanspoortster grain mill

On this site stood the Hanspoortermolen, a windmill used for grain drainage. The mill was built before 1582 and moved to the new fortress of Dokkum in 1582. Unfortunately, the mill was lost in a fire in 1842. Residents opposed plans for a new mill at this location.


The Bolwerken defensive wall

The ramparts of the strategically important city of Dokkum served as a defensive line during the Eighty Years' War. The ramparts were constructed in 1582 at the urging of Prince William of Orange. It is a hexagonal defensive structure, with a bastion at each corner.


"Gouden Hand" Breweries

In 1704 kocht Heer Hansma a brewery in Dokkum and continued its operation. During renovations in 1743, the Hansma family installed a facade stone with a golden hand to let Dokkum know that Dokkumer beer was a golden trade. From that year onwards, the brewery was named 'De Gouden Hand' (The Golden Hand).

Einde route

Bronlaan 12
9101 VS Dokkum